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How to Win an Internship ?!


Exams started and in a month or less vacations will start so you should make the best use of it  and gain work experience and if you’re looking for work one way is to get a job internship.

Here are few things to remember as you work to get that perfect internship.

1- Define Your Career

It’s the perfect time of year to do think about improvements you need to make.

So choose particularly which career are you passionate about?

Don’t send a cover letter for a company that you need to land an internship as a developer !

Which field do you mean? Web or mobile? ios or android?


2- Be Ready

FREE online Study for everyone are available at many websites like “ Coursera - Udemy -Udacity..etc”

and you can earn a certification that prove your seriousness about a particular career.


3- Review your CV

Your cover letter and resume need to be perfect because they represent yourself to an employer. 

Even if you have a shining personality and the perfect skill set for the job,

you have to convey that on a piece of paper so put other relevant information on your resume:

leadership activities, volunteer projects, or courses that relate to the internship.


4- Stay different and leave imprint !

Some trainees attract eyes and minds with their cover letters or emails and that can be done by collecting data about project of company.

As you may suggest a good idea or something that will benefit the company.


5- Recommendations

Ask for a recommendation; from your doctors if you have participated in developing distinctive project at faculty.

6- Build your Network

Be a part of a community which share you the same interests through student activities,

participating in competitions, study groups or being in working spaces.

Networking is where you'll find those dream internships and it might help you get your foot in the door and develop yourself. 


7- Be updated

Large and  middle companies always announce their internship programs at specific time of year so be aware of dates.


8-  Just a training !

You are a trainee not a senior !

therefore you aren’t have to know everything about the career.So be calm and it’s enough to seem interested.


Finally,  it's a harsh job market out there. But with the right amount of experience and a reliable network of contacts, you can make the job search process a whole lot easier and landing internship will help you.