Our Portfolio

Ain Shams University
Ain Shams University - Faculty of Engineering official android application

Mobile Application For Masimo Company allow Masimo team to contact together and connect with the clients  


UBER System for Trucks 

Egyptian Court

Web Portal & Mobile Application collect data from many systems inside the court to manage the copying of the cases and publish it online to help the judges and lawyers to search about old cases  


Fruits & Vegetables Market place 


Mandobak Application offers product delivery service between the customer and the product owner. With full flexibility to set the pickup and delivery location and time.


MERLiN is a Formative assessment tool based on a gamification technology introduce Enjoyable studying environment through a set of challenges and interesting exercises for students, Easy access to a set of exercises based on the curriculum. Also, MERLiN provide Simple evaluation and reporting tool for Teachers to follow-up students’ progress 


Application for Najran Municipality


Application deserve the Secretariat of the Najran Municipality .

Customer ( Najran Municipality)

Flyex App
Aim to help people to find good airlines ranking depend on many Aspect
UAE Services Directory
Web App work as services Directory for all companies in UAE

helps you to find easily children incubators, blood bags and intensive care rooms

Hat Ma3ak

Hat Ma3ak application is an engaging application that connects family members with each other to share and organize all their needs
It is the first application of its kind in the Middle East that solves a big problem that the family has always had: forgetting home orders.

Customer ( Expand Company)


A special application for B2B company customers to manage and plan their meetings directly during the event

Customer ( B2B)



first social network customized for University students